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Ne vous trompez pas, mes chéries, je suis même pas francaise. The journey of a very bad drag queen.

Just listening to this right now, and I think it's a very powerful song, applicable really to anyone anywhere, not just us weirdos LOL :D

I would totally love to be a drag queen. it is my profoundest wish. Of course I'm *already* one, but you see - nobody knows it!
I just pass as a woman far too well LOL.

Even though I cannot walk in heels, and often apply make-up rather badly and too generously. At 5ft1 nobody would ever think I was anything other than a real girl. Sad.

I have tried sometimes to access my masculine side, but this does not feel like me whatsoever. For one thing, I want to be PRETTY. I want, and have always wanted to wear heels, make-up, girly clothes etc. And yet, I am not a woman. I always have this feeling inside that I am really a drag queen. And yet, I would not take testosterone for a MILLION pounds. Well ok maybe one shot - for a million. That's a lot of money!

I do not think I am quite alone, which is why there are groups like this lol. I say lol too much.
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